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Villas in İstanbul/191
292,905 EUR
Villas in İstanbul

•  Our project offers a quiet life away from the city. In this area, you can touch the greenery, look at different plants, read lying on the grass, listen to birdsong. With a stream, a castle and untouched forest land that offer fresh air, this area has become the most attractive part of Istanbul.The valley also includes arable land where you can plant seeds, grow plants, and enjoy the delicious flavors of the vegetables, berries and fruits you harvest.

Istanbul Villas Detail
Castle Panorama Villa/131
295,000 EUR
Castle Panorama Villa

•   Beautiful green garden with fruit trees
•  Private pool and large terrace
•  Quiet location in nature
•  Magnificent panoramic sea view

Alanya Villas Detail
New development
Uskudar Bosphorus Apartments/241
324,000 USD
Uskudar Bosphorus Apartments

•  Üsküdar Bosphorus Apartments’s architectural and conceptual inspiration is Üsküdar itself. With its perfect location, distinct lifestyle options, special outdoor areas, rich social opportunities and unique investment value, Üsküdar Bosphorus Apartments is the one and only in Üsküdar, like Üsküdar itself.

Istanbul Apartments Detail
Asis Club villas/134
350,000 EUR
Asis Club villas

•  Enjoy the endless sea view
•  Panoramic sea view
•  Private garden and swimming pool
•  Located just 400 meters from the beach

Alanya Villas Detail
New development
Grove Villas Fethiye/273
400,000 USD
Grove Villas Fethiye

•  3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , private swimming pool
•  Each villa with 750 sqm net size garden
•  Luxury bungalow villas built on single floor with lofty ceilings
•  Private complex of secured 17 villas surrounded by forest

Fethiye Villas Detail
New development
Uskudar Elite Apartments/239
400,000 USD
Uskudar Elite Apartments

•  Validebag is a place that remains from the times and the most special memories of a period, when it was the best years of Istanbul. It is a beautiful Istanbul neighbourhood identified with the word elite, where life is continued to be lived as if nothing had changed since those times. Identified with the grove that it is named after, it is an

Istanbul Apartments Detail
Private beach
Bodrum Armada Homes/283
410,000 EUR
Bodrum Armada Homes

•  The complex has its own bay
•  marvelous sea view
•  Private the beach
•  Beach front property

Bodrum Apartments Detail
River Garden Villas/109
432,000 USD
River Garden Villas

•  High quality construction materials
•   10.224 m², and consists of only 14 private villas
•  Azure sea, mountains covered with green forests
•  Luxury Villas with private gardens in a complex

Antalya Investment Detail
New development
Gundogan Bodrum Villas/281
437,000 EUR
Gundogan Bodrum Villas

•  villas has beautiful mountain and sea view
•  private heated swimming pool
•  Villa with private garden and swimming pool

Bodrum Villas Detail