Gundogan Bodrum Villas Located in Gundogan Bay, where the wind and waves are the least, they are close to the sea and the beach.
In our Gundogan Bodrum Villas project, which will be built on a land of 19481 m2 at a distance of 500 meters,

2+1+ (1), with private garden with pool/without pool
3+1 Detached Villa with Pool
4+1+ (2) Detached Villas with Pool
5+1+ (2)
There are 24 blocks consisting of 30 families, including a Detached Villa with Pool.
With Gundogan Bodrum Villas, you can enjoy the beach and the deep blue sea with the Private Beach facility in Gundogan.
you will enjoy it to the fullest.
In Gundogan Bodrum Villas, 2+1+ (1) and 3+1 villas, 2 each, 4+1+(2) and 5+1+(2) villas.
We bring an effortless life to your door with 4 car parking lots.
Our 2+1+(1) apartments with private garden with large spaces, with or without pool, wall
Detached 3+1 pool with sizes varying between 126-138m2 with its shares
Our villas are 162m2 with their wall shares, 4+1+(2) and 5+1+(2) detached pools.
Our villas were designed as 287m2. Our project has reached a length of 2850 meters and
Garden walls covering an area of 8500 m2 are suitable for the magnificent natural structure of Bodrum.
It was built with Hekimköy Stones.
The most important feature of our project is that thanks to the measured slope in the large land structure, all of the blocks are located in the settlement.
diagonally and each other in such a way that our blocks can enjoy the sea and nature view to the fullest.
It is designed as villas with large terraces in a way that does not hinder them. External
The stone coatings used in perfect harmony in the facade design add a stylish look to the project.
added view.
Although our project has a plot size of approximately 20 acres, the zoning
Due to the construction density of 20 percent, only 24 blocks are located.
with an average of 125, excluding their own sessions, of the properties on the site.
It has provided large garden and general landscaping areas ranging from 420m2, this situation
Land between 430 m2 and 860 m2 per person by increasing the land shares of the independent sections.
converted into ownership properties. Thanks to its wide landscape and garden areas,
you will have the pleasure of a wonderful holiday where the green and the sea are together.
Gundogan Bodrum Villas Heated communal outdoor swimming pool offering you a private living space.
sports and sunbathing activities such as sauna, Finnish bath and fitness
Pleasant time to benefit from our social facilities

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Care has been taken to ensure that it is a concept project that you can spend time with.
In our beautiful Bodrum, which has become a world brand with another perspective,
people are no longer just in holiday seasons, but in Bodrum to stay for 4 seasons.
wants to buy property. All
with our VRF System air conditioners (heating-cooling) that we put in our closed spaces.
It will cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and even when you don't want to use the air conditioner.
You can also enjoy heating with the underfloor heating system installed indoors.
you will reach. We did not stop there, and 4+1+(2) and 5+1+(2) villa concepts are standard.
In the heat of the wood fire, thanks to the decorative fireplaces placed in the living room
with our system that allows you to have pleasant times and to warm the water in the pools.
has opened the doors of a pleasant and peaceful life to you.
Gundogan Bodrum Villas offers easy access to those living in it with its attractive location features.
provides opportunities.

750 meters to Gündoğan center and bus station
5.9 KM to Yalikavak,
16 KM to Ortakent, 21 KM to Bodrum
10 km to Türkbük
49 km to the airport.