We present to your attention a unique offer - the sale of a hotel for the price of a villa!

The main advantage of this hotel is the availability of a permit for both commercial real estate (apartment hotel) and residential. This means that you can buy title deeds (deeds) for all apartments and sell (or rent) separately or combine them to buy villas!

The proposed operating room consists of 6 two-storey blocks with 12 rooms of 1+1 type, each room being 20m2. All rooms have a bedroom, living room and kitchen and are equipped with everything you need for living and relaxation. All rooms have a balcony overlooking the pool, the sea and the famous Bodrum Castle.

The hotel has a swimming pool and pool bar, parking for cars.

The pool bar can attract guests not only from the hotel guests, but also from the streets of Bodrum.

The underground part of the hotel is reserved for staff rooms and technical facilities, but if this hotel is converted into a residential area, underground parking can be easily made or social facilities (fitness, sauna, cinema, etc.).

Hotel land 815m2

The hotel offers a unique view of the sea and Bodrum Castle.

The hotel is located in the tourism center of Bodrum, which has increased its value and demand among tourists.



The hotel has already done a review, so you don't need to do a new one, which will save you time and money.
For commercial and residential real estate
permissions Permissions to run a guest job
received Alcohol license received
The hotel operates to this day and continues to welcome guests