At the Centenary Mansions Marina, built on a land area of 23,000 m2 and encompassing a 72.50% green area, and with 21 Single, 24 Twin and 12 Reverse Duplex luxury villa options, the metropolitan life of the town center and the peaceful life of a small coastal village awaits you.

Enjoy the jacuzzi and the sauna in the privacy of your home, or revel in the sea-view pool at the building complex.

You can do fitness activities and yoga in the open air. You can take walks or ride your bicycle by the sea, or you can play tennis, basketball, volleyball, squash and soccer in the parks where the green embraces the blue.

While the children play safely at the park, take a moment to enjoy your garden. Plant flowers or grow organic fruits and vegetables in your garden varying from 135 m² to 240 m². Then sit back, and breathe in the sweet smell of the sea and the greenery.

Revel in hosting your guests with the food you prepare in your kitchen equipped with Franke major appliances.

Unwind in the jacuzzi or the sauna after a tiring day. Enjoy the SPA treatment in your own home.

Every moment you and your loved ones live in the Centenary Mansions Marina is secured by 2 security points and a total of 81 cameras.

The villas at the Centenary Mansions Marina were built by using the smart home system. Remotely control your home with the video intercom and the alarm control with the abilities to cut off the natural gas, water and central heat and a motion detector.

Without ever leaving home, you can have an audio and video conversation with your neighbors and watch if your child or guest is at the pool, the park, the outdoor fitness center or the cafeteria of the tenis club by connecting to the common area cameras by using the mobile tablet of the smart home system. The features you may add to the smart home system include: on-off lighting control, automatic lighting control, shutter and curtain control, air conditioning control, graduated combi boiler control, room-based heating control, alarm control with a magnetic contact to the door/windows, smoke-flood and natural gas sensors, irrigation control, audio and video systems control, colorful lighting control, support for unlimited scenarios with additional features, in-apartment camera integration, remote door-opening features.

Take a 1.5 minute walk down to the beach and feel the happiness of being with family while enjoying the beach and the sea in Centenary Mansions Marina.BLOCK A




24 TWIN VILLAS | GROSS TOTAL : 346,10 m²




12 REVERSE DUPLEX VILLAS | GROSS YOTAL : 199,21 m2 / 205, 43 m²