Discover Istanbul Life Residence

Offering something much bigger yourself and for your beloved ones…

Istanbul Life Residence was build according to this concept: grand yourself and members of your family with a life style and future of your dreams.

Here you will find much more than just an ordinary residence.

Each of us has a personal concept of a comfortable life. Someone prefer to live lone. Someone prefers a family life, surrounded with beloved family members. Some of us prefers to have an office at home. And some of us lives working in the large office spaces.

Istanbul Life Residence offers a life style of your choice. Apartments of 1+1 and 1+2 formats include more varieties than an ordinary living in residence.

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Substantial advantages – infrastructure is within walking distance

İstanbul Life Residence situated in a very comfortable area within easy reach of transportation network. A way to the nearest metro station takes only 15 minutes. The objects of main importance are within walking distance: shopping malls, hospitals, schools, TEM highway, metro lane Bakırköy – Beylikdüzü / Esenyurt. And these are only a few substantial advantages of this Residence.

Living in harmony with nature

Modern architectural complex will nicely surprise you with its harmonious interconnection of functional solutions. Green nature zone of İstanbul Life Residence is there for you to help to relax after hard working day.

Living in the center of life streams

İstanbul Life Residencehas been developed in order to serve your personal comfort while staying inside Residence as well as the outside experiences. You can use all services and benefits inside Residence and enjoy the great proximity of shopping malls, educational institutions, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons.

A residence that values your time

Time is topic issue in urban centers. Beauty salons, markets inside İstanbul Life Residence will help you to manage your sufficient time. Thus, you will feel more free to spend more time for yourself.

More close to social life

İstanbul Life Residence is not only an ordinary Residence, but it is a community, where the neighbors share the same interests and common views. There is a comfortable terrace for you – a space for family and friends gatherings, or a mitting point with your coworkers and colleagues.  There is a café-restaurant and fresh green zone Teras Park, where you can spend a good time accompanied with your favorite book.

Enjoy the comfort of Residence

İstanbul Life Residence delivers comfort of living inside apartments and in every corner of the Residential area. There is a comfortable public usage territory for pleasant outdoor walks with your family and children.

Time for relaxing and active sports

It takes only to push elevators button and it gets you into gym and heater indoor swimming pool, which you can use in any season, at any weather. Sauna and Turkish hamam are always at your service. This very thoughtful option you will certainly appreciate.

Living in the city like living in 5 stars resort

İstanbul Life Residence is a successful project where modern approaches are used for organizing you comfortable living in the city. Here you will get all privileges of living in Residence starting with reception desk and concierge service. Picture yourself living in comfort of 5 stars resort hotel.