All the beauties of life are in this city!

Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is not only one of the top citiy that
attracts the most tourists in Turkey, it is also considered the heart of the new investment
era as it is among the cities in which foreign investors purchase the most houses.
Easy to access by road, air and sea, Antalya is Turkey’s gateway to the world, and now it
has opened its gates to you.

Turquoise Antalya Apartments is in the center of life
Just as you can easily access all locations in the city such as old town, public beaches, airport, Shopping centers... by Antray (Antalya city tram),the city’s public transportation 

Turquoise Antalya Apartments brings the natural environment in your dreams to your life with its ponds, green gardens, and colorful flowers.

Each one of 1105 apartments for sale that constitute the Turquoise Antalya Apartments will appeal both to your eyes and ears with its unmatched natural view, chirping sounds of birds, and the calming sound of the pond.

One bedroom to four-bedroom options with distinct size

24 hours security
Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
Fitness center
Indoor and outdoor parking
Children's playgrounds

High Investment Value

Turquoise Antalya Apartments has high renting potential

near to Antalya Mediterranean University, Hospital, Public beach, and shopping centers

You can have renting income when you are not using your apartment.


Price and Payment

%50 Down payment 24 months instalment 
Price stars from 47.000 Euro

Please contact us
to have information about
availability and price list