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New development
Country Life Bodrum/247
245,500 EUR
Country Life Bodrum

•  Apartments with garden
•  Complex is surrounded by forest.
•  460 meters from the sea

Bodrum Villas Detail
Private beach
Elise Bodrum Lake Houses/245
290,500 EUR
Elise Bodrum Lake Houses

•  villas and apartments
•  villas with a private pool and garden
•  private beach

Bodrum Villas Detail
Villas in İstanbul/191
292,905 EUR
Villas in İstanbul

•  Our project offers a quiet life away from the city. In this area, you can touch the greenery, look at different plants, read lying on the grass, listen to birdsong. With a stream, a castle and untouched forest land that offer fresh air, this area has become the most attractive part of Istanbul.The valley also includes arable land where you can plant seeds, grow plants, and enjoy the delicious flavors of the vegetables, berries and fruits you harvest.

Istanbul Villas Detail
New development
Gundogan Bodrum Villas/281
437,000 EUR
Gundogan Bodrum Villas

•  Villa with private garden and swimming pool
•  private heated swimming pool
•  villas has beautiful mountain and sea view

Bodrum Villas Detail
Private beach
Bodrum life Houses /219
578,000 EUR
Bodrum life Houses

•  Project has its own private sandy beach
•  All villas have magnificent panoramic sea views
•  Spacious swimming pool with panoramic sea views
•   Pool Restaurant and Beach Snack Bar.Spa and Fitness Center

Bodrum Villas Detail
New development
Green Park Villas/319
1,150,000 USD
Green Park Villas

•  The biggest villa project in Istanbul.
•  Not only a home, but also an unforgettable childhood
•  Whatever you need for a healthy life
•  3,500 m2 social facility center

Istanbul Villas Detail
New development
The Side Bodrum/284
5,500,000 EUR
The Side Bodrum

•  panoramic views and a jacuzzi on the terrace
•  Surrounded by panoramas of both sea and nature
•  Private swim pool and garden

Bodrum Villas Detail